Share of Life™


People no longer go online. 

ThEy live Online.

live with them.



How deeply is your brand embedded in the life of your customers?

We are in the midst of a marketing evolution that is moving much faster than most are aware. At one time, marketing was about contact. Then it became about engagement. Now it’s about inhabiting your customer’s world.

In order to function in today’s marketplace, brands must change their focus from trying to trigger an immediate sale to understanding the consumer’s lifestyle and routines. This will not only change how they market, but how they do business, including what they offer, where they sell and how they deliver. The Share of Life™ concept presents a new set of imperatives for dealing with this life-changing moment. Embedding your brand into the customer’s new mode of existence – what we describe as gaining Share of Life™ – is the key to success going forward.

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"A new metric, Share-of-Life goes far beyond the Share-of-Wallet or even Share-of-Mind metrics. The entangled digital customer relationship will define the future of marketing"

- James McQuivey, principal analyst at Forrester

Sebastian Jespersen and Stan Rapp have done this with their vision of entangling the brand in the daily life of customers. Stan Rapp was the godfather of one-to-one direct marketing. As the co-founder of legendary agency Rapp Collins Worldwide (now RAPP), he practically invented one-to-one direct marketing.  Sebastian Jespersen’s career developed in the age of engagement. He co-founded the global digital media agency, Vertic. Together they are redefining the way customers are created, nurtured and grown.

Positioning the brand to gain share of mind was yesterday’s mantra. Now the driver behind a firm’s growth is the Share-of- Life doctrine. The co-authors asks readers to think of Share-of-Life as the depth of a brand’s presence in a person’s 24 hour day. At a time when neural networks recognize spoken words better than people do, Gaining Share of Life™ rethinks the very nature of business activity in an ever-evolving digital frontier.


“We lived on farms, then we lived in cities and now we're going to live on the internet”